Thursday, April 29, 2010


I love summer.
I love being with him.
I love the way he holds my hand while walking.
I love the way he put his hand on my lap during a bus ride home.
I love the way he put my head on his shoulders when I feel sleepy.
I love the way he makes sure I got home safe.
I love the way he makes me laugh.
I love the way people think that  we are not an ordinary bunch of teenagers crazily in love with each other.
I love the way he say "NOO!" when people ask him if he wants to get married soon.
I love the way he picture his dreams-with me.

That despite being childish most of the times, he constantly reminds me to take one day at a time, to see things positively and to be myself and enjoy every little bit of it-good or bad. And when my hormones raged, when I messed up, he's not afraid to tell me upfront what is wrong with me- a thing many people around me cannot do, just because they are intimidated.

Even when people stereotyped me as the "know-it-all-girl-who-didn't-graduate-on-time" and "the-girl-everybody-hates-because-_________", he stayed with me, wiped my tears and asked me to do just one thing: smile.

That's just beyond sweet, my labs. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Summer class.
Para sa akin, ito ang parte ng buhay ko na pinaka-nae-enjoy ko.
Walang stress. Walang pressure. Fast-paced. May thrill.
Hindi nakakasawa.

Alas onse y medya tapos ng klase ko, ihahatid namin si BattleHopper sa headquarters ng sekyu, tapos sasakay kami ng jeep pauwi ng Talavera at Cabanatuan. Tipikal na araw, mainit, nakaka-antok, nakakainip ang biyahe.

Nilabas ko ang pringles coin purse ko para magbayad, sa sobrang antok siguro, nakalimutan ko siguro na ilagay sa bag yung purse, nakababa na kami ng jeep nung naalala ko na hindi ko na pala hawak yung purse ko. 

Sa kabila ng matinding sikat ng araw, isa lang ang naisip ko, habulin yung jeep na sinakyan namin. Papalabas pa lang ako sa kalsada nang makita ko na umaatras yung jeep na sinakyan namin. Hawak ng isang mama yung purse ko at tinanong kung sa akin daw ba 'yon.  "Thank You Po" na lang ang nasabi ko sa mga pasaheros ng jeep na nasakyan namin.

Tatlong beses akong nawalan ng cellphone, lahat hindi ko nakuha lahat. Simula noon, naniwala na ako na kapag may naiwala o na-misplace ka sa isang pampublikong lugar, wag mo ng asahang bumalik pa ito sa'yo. 

Pero binago ng nangyari sa akin ang paniniwala kong iyon. 

Kung nagkataon lang na mabait yung mamang nakapulot, hindi ko alam. Ang mahalaga ngayon, napatunayan ko na ang kabutihan ay hindi regalo o talento, makagagawa tayo ngg kabutihan sa kapwa natin kung pipiliin nating maging mabuti.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Facebook.....

... I am starting to dislike you.

It's not you, it's me. Do you remember those good old times when I would spend 12 hours straight taking freakin' quizzes, saying what I feel through my status message, playing Pet Society, Poker, Cafe World and Farmville so I could rank first among my friends and chat with my friends without having to log-in at my YM?

For many months, my life revolved around you, I even starved myself for almost 2 months so I could buy a Globe Tattoo broadband and continue leveling-up and lose weight at the same time. You made me so happy everytime I receive an award from one of my games and publish it to my wall. 

I guees I grew tired of it, it felt like it was becoming a mere routine, nothing really special anymore- and I hate it.

I hate routines.

I hate seeing the same thing everyday. 

At first I thought I could not get over you, but when our "neighbors" stole the only telephone line in our street, I survived almost three weeks of not sitting for 12 straight hours in front of the computer, talking to "friends" using my fingers and tilling my farm.

When I got back, you've changed a lot. Almost everything posted by my friends are now on the news feed every time I log-on. You're starting to become like Friendster for me- uninteresting.

I told you, it's not you, it's me.

You made me realize that it is time to go back to basics. 

When we  lost the telephone line, I got the rare chance to bond with my sisters, my niece and nephew, my mom and dad and my bestfriend. We played Tumblin' Monkeys, Badminton and shared stories in our room, in the comfortable hammocks under mango tree outside the house and in front of the dining table.

Yes, technology has created ways to improve our existence, but in the end, it still depend on us  if technology is a boon or bane because it is as good as the persons utilizing it. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I finally had my first customized lay-out. Haha.
Thanks a lot to for the tutorials.
Photobucket for the images and Blogger for the template. :)
I so love my new lay-out. I hope this will last despite my fickle-mindedness. Haha.

Pa-girl naman ako ngayon kaya pink at purple ang ang colors. Haha.
At least nagmukhang malinis na. ;)

Oh, I missed blogging a lot!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alas singko.

Kinumbinsi ko ang sarili kong bumangon at maligo.

Nanalo ang antok at binalot ang sarili sa kumot.

Alas singko y medya.

Bumangon at naligo.

Nagtagal sa banyo sa pagbabasa ng magasin.

Alas sais.

Lumabas ng banyo.



Alas siyete na.

Alas siyete ang pasok.

Isang oras ang biyahe.

Nanood ng pelikulang Vantage Point sa keybol.

Alas otso y medya.

pupungas-pungas na sumakay sa dyip.







Nagising sa "Mayor Jimmy I. Domingo" to the tune of "Nobody".

Na-bad trip.

Inilipat ng drayber sa ibang jeep.

Todo na ang pagka-bad trip!




Hinto kahit saan kahit walang pasahero.

Alas nuwebe y medya.

Bumaba ng jeep.

Naunahan ng prof.

Hindi na pumasok.

First day of school.

Walang kwenta.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I woke up to the sound of my phone's message alert tone. A friend sent me a text message announcing her completion of the requirements leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Yeah, most of my high school buddies will be registered nurses soon, they'll have jobs, earn their own incomes, buy what they want to, help their parents and finally achieve their dreams.

I got up, took a bath and went to school to finish all the requirements needed, and saw my supposed "batch-mates" reviewing their narrative reports, getting ready for their graduation pictorial and all that.

Looking back, being a teacher was not what I really wanted, I wanted to be a writer or something else related in media and mass relations. But then again, my parents didn't let me shift courses and transfer schools.

I knew I wouldn't graduate on time.
But seeing my their pictures during the proudest moment of their lives yet made me feel sad. For a moment (well, up to this time), I felt a deep sense of regret for all those days that slipped through my hands, for all those semesters I slacked off, for all those subjects I did not take seriously simply because I hate the teacher, for all those subjects that I was too afraid to enroll because of my pessimism- and I know I just can't take it back.

The truth is, I never imagined I would feel this way- I never imagined I would envy my high school buddies clad in their togas, smiling their hearts out with their parents, culminating their two decade life as students and getting ready to face life with their diplomas.
At the same time, I couldn't get any prouder and happier. They finally surpassed college! They did it! They are now one step closer to their dreams.

Four years ago, we were the saddest persons in the world after graduating from high school and knowing that college would not be easy without each other, and here they are now, they made it and I know they are really, really happy.

Two more semesters to go.
I know it'll be worth it. Life does not have to end just because I was not able to graduate on time, maybe God has other plans for me, or maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.

Congratulations Batch 2010!