Thursday, December 30, 2010


December 30. Two days before the year turns, a thing I never thought would happen again happened. 
We talked for almost an hour (no, it's just actually me who did most of the talking. haha). 

But yeah, everything's a lot different now- a huge space is now separating us, I am eating food on my own, we frequently look at our mobile phones, texting once in a while and we don't have stories to laugh our hearts with. 

Gladly, there are things that still remain the same, like when he said he feels cold and when he asked  if I feel the same, I said "no", then he said: "cause you're fat!" and we both smiled at it. And when I asked him about his family, their annual reunion that I've attended a Christmas ago, he answered me as if I am still part of that family.

Then he asked me if I am still mad at him, I didn't know what to answer but I knew deep in my heart that remembering everything that he did to me still brings a tinge of pain in me, the memories are just too great to be easily forgotten, and the wound  is just too deep to be easily healed. And when we parted, he sent me a text message saying that he hopes for us to be really okay.

I really didn't thought it would happen again. That it's just the two of us, talking about how we're doing but this time as individual persons, as brother and sister under one organization, as the high school friends we once were, as the eagle scout talking to a rover scout under him.

So much has changed, and hopefully it's all for the better. :)