Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am nominated! :D

Yay! I was just browsing through various blogs in the web when I came across a site entitled "The Composed Gentleman", I never knew that my super-humble blog would be nominated. Haha. This is so cool. I am really loving blogging. :)

My blog is nominated!

I know it's a bit late for campaigning, but I won't give up. Hehe.

So please, please, I am asking for your support, it's just a click away anyway. :)

Thank you so much.

Prologue: AY 2009-2010

Supposedly, this year is my last year in school. Supposedly.

Flashback two years ago: Our section was composed of 50 college kids dreaming to be educators in a country where the educational system is questioned.

We all have our ideals. We firmly stand in what we believe that we can somehow effect change in the system. Our responses to our professors' question on why we chose an Education course is very simple: "We love children. We love influencing other people. We want to mold the young so they can be effective members of the society."

Years passed and the original 50 dreamers were trimmed to 40. What happened? Some shift courses, while most find jobs to sustain their education, but was not able to find time to study. And on the summer of that year, a friend returned home to the Big Guy Up There a day after her 18th birthday.

Junior year came.

We all came to realize that we cannot simply change the system, we realized that being a teacher is not that easy. Lesson planning sessions challenged our determination and patience and made us doubt if we really want to pursue what we have started. But then again, we were able to push through and had our first taste of demonstration teaching.

Senior year.
What will happen next?
We'll see.

AY 2009-2010, here we come! :)

What happened in 1st day?
1. I lost the presidency of the class for some reasons I still don't want to mention. :)
2. The terror Filipino professor is now baack!
3. The student council had our first meeting.
4. I didn't LIKE some of our instructors.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Green Eyed Monster

Blog-hopping all day finally took its toll on me.

All of a sudden, I am wanting a new lay-out, a new domain where I could control all the stuffs that I will put there.

Dang. I hate this. After seeing those pretty pinkish and cutie sites click after click, I am now a green-eyed monster.

How I wish I have that CSS and HTML coding thing. Seriously, I was thinking earlier of enrolling a ComSci course just to learn more about the web. Haha.

But on the other hand, I am thinking that a cute and pink lay-out is nothing without sensible blog posts aside from the random things or stories about celebrity scandals.

I have always admired bloggers who have encouraged me to write something which is somehow relevant to the readers of THIS space in the vast complex of world wide web, without even tweaking the good old blog templates on Blogger and Wordpress.

I will get over this.

I will get over this.

CIAO. Goodnight. :)

Kapitan Sino ni Bob Ong

Nabasa ko ang bagong libro ni Bob Ong.

Hindi gaya ng inaasahan ko, medyo ma-drama ang bagong libro nguni't mas malawak at malalim ang bawat titik at kapitulo ng libro.

Siyembpe, para ma-thrill kang basahin at para hindi ka ma-imbiyerna sa akin kapag kinuwento ko sa'yo ang daloy ng libro, hindi ako magkukuwento ng kahit ano.

Pero sasabihin ko sa'yo, ibang Bob Ong ang makikilala mo, mas totoo at malapit sa realidad na buhay Pilipino ang sinsalamin ng kuwento.

At marahil, pagkatapos mong basahin ang huling pahina ng libro, mas lalong tataas ang respeto mo sa isang manunulat na walang mukha nguni't hinahangaan ng marami.

Sa panahon at henerasyon kung saan tila hindi malinaw ang kahulugan ng pagiging Pilipino, binigyan ako ng aklat na ito ng bagong perspektibo sa pagtingin sa sariling bayan at sa mga mamamayan nito, madalas ay napapatango, napapangiti at napapailing ako sa mga nilalaman ng aklat tungkol sa karaniwang buhay Pinoy sa bansa.

Sana gaya ko ay mapukaw din ang iyong damdamin sa akda ni Ong. Sana lang din, gaya ng panawagan ng maraming manunulat, basahin natin ang mga aklat sa paraang dapat itong basahin, binubuklat at ninanamnam ang halimuyak ng mga ideya at pilosopiyang inilapat sa mga papel.

Sana bukod sa Twilight at Harry Potter, mabasa mo din ang mga akda ng mga lokal na manunulat, sana tulungan natin na maging best-seller ang mga akda ng kapwa nating mga Pilipino gaya ng pagtulong mo kay Stephanie Meyer at J.K. Rowling dahil may naghihintay na libreng bookmarks na pwede mong ipagyabang sa mga kaibigan mo kapag binasa at ninamnam mo ang Kapitan Sino ni Bob Ong.

Magandang Araw. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

learn. play. laugh. love. VOTE!

I have hated summer classes.

But if there's one good thing that I have learned to appreciate is the fact that I now hate being in the house all-day, checking my Friendster for new comments, checking my Facebook to play Pet Society and Sorority Life.

I hate vacations.

And here are some of the few things I've done during my entire vacation:

1. I've got a new haircut! :)

2.Had the time of my life during our High School mini-reunion. :)

3. Enrolled and was glad that I only need a 1.50 to be a College scholar (Sir Delim please read THIS!.ΓΌ)

4. Initially planned programs of action for the upcoming SC elections.

5. Blog-hopped.

6. Tried joining online contests, but never did. :)

7. Got an invitation from IYF for the World Camp in South Korea amounting to a whopping P50,000. (...and really, really thinking hard about it. hmmm.)

8. Got love-bugged by Lee-Min Ho. ♥

9. Finds Show Lo really, really adorable.

and finally...

I registered for the 2010 elections!

SAY NO TO CHA-CHA, sabi nga ni Senator Chiz, angkinin nating mga kabataan ang eleksyon!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
mahalKO: ayoko sa kanila, ayaw din naman nila sa akin e.
aKO: hamu na sila, basta ikaw gusto ko.
mahalKO: ayun eh. kaya lab na lab kita eh.
AWW. sobrang cheesy talaga!