Thursday, April 30, 2009


halatang-halata na tinatamad ako mag-blog sa dalawang huling post ko, pero babawi ako ngayon dahil sing-lamig ng December air ang hangin ngayon. (anong konek? :|)

Nagda-dalawang isip ako kung magpapa-rehistro ba ako para sa 2010 election o magpa-tangay sa agos gaya ng maraming kabataan na walang ibang iniisip kundi ang takasan ang bansang nag-kanlong, humulma at tumanggap sa kanila.
Nakaka-irita ang pag-po-propose sa national TV, hindi romantic at lalong hindi sinsero.
Nakaka-irita ang pagpupunas ng kunwaring putik sa damit.
Nakaka-irita ang pagbabangayan ng mga mambabatas dahil nasasapawan sila ng exposure.
Nakaka-irita ang pagmamalinis ng ibang politiko.
Nakaka-irita ang biglaang pagtatayo ng gym, pagpapa-ayos ng baku-bakong daan, pagdadaos ng mga job fair at pag-bisita sa mga limang taon nang naka-tiwangwang na proyekto.

Habang lumalapit ang eleksyon, pakonti nang pakonti ang natitirang pinamimilian ko bilang susunod na presidente ng bansa. Sana, umabot sila hanggang sa eleksyon.

Tama si Cong. Edno Joson sa ipinasa niyang panukala na pagbawalan ang mga kongresista sa pagbiyahe sa ibang bansa upang manood ng laban ni Pacquiao.
Kung yung mga na-kidnap na seamen, inabusong domestic helpers, mga nahatulan ng bitay sa iba't-ibang parte ng mundo na higit na nangangailangan ng tulong ng mga lider ng bansa hindi nila mapuntahan, bakit si Pacauiao kailangan pang puntahan?!
Baka nga naman madaya sila sa pusta nila na anila'y personal na pera nila.

Napaka-sama ng balita.
Hindi ko na yata itutuloy ang pag-takbo bilang presidente ng samahan ng mga mag-aaral.
Ang gulo.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I switched background colors for my site.

Black uses less energy than white and colored ones.

It's time to do our part in taking care of Mother Earth.

Cheers to all. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Summer's really stressful but beautiful.

I was able to see the beach for two days! Yay!

Will post more pics soon or you can find them at my Friendster account. :)

Hugs for the cold rainy nights.

Monday, April 20, 2009


hirap na hirap naman yung CPU namin sa pagu-upload ng pics. 2 araw ko na ginagawa yung blog ko eh..............

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was browsing through my Friends' list at my Friendster account when I saw a former CLSUan whom I've sent a friend request before because he ranked 1st in the CLSU-Admission Test.

As I was looking at his profile, I found out that he has transferred to a private school in Manila.

Like so many stories that unfolded before me, his is not different.

I once thought of transferring to SLU to take up what I really wanted, Mass Communication or at WU-P and join the Nursing phenomena, or stay in the university that I have adored and respected since high school.

I opted to choose the latter.

Then I asked myself why.

For two semesters, I underwent through the dilemma of what path should I take and what dream should I pursue.
It was real-hard having to choose from what is there to see and experience in a university where I know a few people and the ability to live a comfortable life in a place where you have your friends or your sister.

But in the end, I stayed in my university and tried to make my stay worth it, and I can say that I have no regrets.

Now, whenever I hear CLSUans who are my former school-mates in high school having plans of transferring to another school, "hindi nila kinaya", I would say to myself.

Living in a university located in the far-north of Nueva Ecija isn't really easy for students who came from the southern part of the province, you have to deal with the Ilocanos who speak their native language as if they are talking about you and you cannot understand a thing because you only speak and understand Tagalog and that is the first time you hear the Iloko language in your entire existence.

Secondly, the real CLSU life happens in the dormitories and cottages where I have learned countless ways to eat without spending even a centavo, having a yummy dinner with just 20 pesos and picking that mango fruit smiling at you even if it is prohibited.

Then, there are the dorm residents who would scare you that you cannot live in a dormitory because you are too lazy to get up early in the morning and clean the assigned area for your room.

These are my frustrations before, I felt that I don't belong to the Iloko-speaking peeps, but then, I have learned to adopt to it over-time, trying to learn the language and asking my friends to teach me and interpret the joke our professor just said.

Differences are indeed inevitable.

I am just lucky that I was able to adopt to the transition between the world that I knew in high school and a much bigger world waiting to be explored in college.

And though I have doubted my decision and my ability to learn new things, I have no regrets for the dilemma that I went through, because it have made me realized that I could do things more that what I thought I could.

I just hope that students who have plans of transferring to another university especially my school-mates in high school, would bring with them a bunch of good memories and lessons learned in their short stay in the university.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Filipino Stereo-type

"Mama, hindi ako ga-graduate sa isang taon."

I told my Mom during our dinner.
Of course, like every parent, she asked why.
I simply told her I will not be able to enroll Off-Campus Student Teaching by the second semester because I have to enroll all the subjects required for me to go practice teaching.


It's confusing hearing those words from people who think that Education is an easy course. Of course it was, but things are a lot different now.
While most third year students only have 20 units per sem, we have 28 units, full load, and if you're trying to make-up for your back subjects, I wish you Good luck.
It is not easy to be a teacher.

While many people label most Education students as "bobo" and while most old folks think that Education is for students and parents who cannot afford a Nursing course, I want to have a good debate with them because I firmly believe that the stigma that the society has posted upon Education students is not true anymore. Maybe it was before, change is inevitable, right? Besides, I know many Education students who can afford a Nursing course even in good schools, but still pursued what their hearts and minds really desired and tried not to join in the Philippines' national course phenomena by enrolling a Nursing course.

The CHED memorandum circular directs all Teacher-Education institutions to provide a curriculum for Elementary Education that will cover all the subjects in the elementary level, thus adding another year for the Education course, simply put, we will be majoring in ALL the subjects, and it's not easy like those found in elementary textbooks.

In a state university who can barely provide means and ways for its finances, the subjects are compacted to 28 units per sem and 9 units every summer.

Again, I am wishing the students who have back subjects good luck with the Calculus, Taxation, Economics, Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry.

Now, are those subjects taught in elementary?

Who can say that it is THAT EASY?

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Great Depression


School is far from over and the post finals week is really depressing.

Our demo teaching for Principles of Teaching II which will cover 30% of our total grade finally took place. I was somehow glad that I was demonstrator #24, because I could at least prepare a bit longer than the first fifteen demonstrators.

Everyone was busy preparing the visual aids, learning materials and motivational activities.

*** A Science experiment during the demo about soil erosion.
I was supposedly scheduled on he 2nd day, but our prof. had fever during the afternoon session, so she finished the demo at 4 PM.

I immediately went home to finish my remaining visuals and practice the flow of my lesson. I slept early so I could have enough energy for tomorrow.

The next day is the big day.

I was surprised when my classmates told me that there are two demonstrators who will not be able to do their demos before me. That means, I will be next after the first demonstrator that morning.

And all that I felt was weakness.

I literally fell on my knees, trying to still convince myself that I will be doing the demonstration at the afternoon session.

I grudgingly laid my visuals on the floor and began erasing the guidelines I used in cursive writing on my visuals and realized that my eraser shed the most rubber it could in less than 10 minutes.

I began cutting strips of paper for the borders of my flashcards, then I ran out of paper. The first demonstrator is about to finish.This is what I call disaster.

I want to cry, but I don't think it is the most rational thing to do at the light of mishaps and mistakes.

I asked the demonstrator next to me (since she's already prepared) to take my place and demonstrate, thanks to the Gods, she understood and said Okay.

Half-way through her demo, I finished preparing the visuals aid and began composing myself. Fortunately, our professor gave a 10 minute break, but still, my heart is very heavy to do the demo. I felt like all my preparations have been put to trash and all that I could do at that very moment is to tear the visual aids to tiny pieces and throw them at the nearest trash can.

I started my demo wearing a fake smile. I sang my Opening Song out of tune and I skipped four parts of the lesson plan, Unlocking of Word Difficulty, Recalling Standard for Silent Reading and Reading of Guide Questions.

I realized I just made the dumbest thing in my entire life as a teacher wanna-be.
Skipping parts of a detailed lesson plan which I patiently made for a month or so, with two major revisions before I can put it on Final Form that is.

I never dared ask myself what happened because from the very stat I knew what happened- my mood swung drastically because of the news that I only knew during the first demo that day. ( Obviously, I did not apply the 90-10 principle by Stephen Covey. Darn. )

I cannot have anybody to blame at my poor demo except myself, myself who have been wearing a smile early in the morning, thinking that my demo will be on the afternoon.

I got a grade of 84. I deserve it.

But I really, really think I could earn more than that, if only.........


I really wanted to learn how to drive a motorcycle, since the boys said that if one knows how to ride a bike, then it'll be easy to learn how to drive a motorcycle.

I never experienced riding in a motorcycle and I was already in 2nd year college when I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Hehe.

I was bugging my MahalKO to teach me how to drive, so one day, on our way to Old Market, he asked me to drive it.

I was driving smoothly while he guides me to drive all by myself, not until we have to make a left turn to park the motorcycle.

He was aking mo to step on the brakes without even teaching where the fu***ng brakes are located. "Basta tapakan mo" he even said knowing that there are many "tatapakans" in a motorcycle, left and right.I thought he would step on the brakes since I don't have a fu***ng idea where in the many "tapakans" the brake is, but I was shocked when I saw a man in brown behind a white Honda car,riding a bicycle about to crash into us.

BAM. We hit the bicycle.

The side mirror of the motorcycle broke into pieces and I fell flat on the ground.

The NATO drivers and Old Market vendors were staring at us and all I wanted to do is to wear an invisibility cloak or hypnotize everybody to forget what Jessamyn Ferrer had just done.

Again, thanks to all the Gods again that the man was not hurt and his bicycle had no damages.

A group of people are now staring at me as if I murdered someone, they happen to be members of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity and the man is their brother.

Woooh. This is unbelivable, I just hit an APO member.

MahalKO immediately approached the group and apologized for what happened.

Now, they are smiling and exchanging jokes. Thank you Lord.

I was tongue-tied for the longest time of my entire existence, and all I could do that time is to hit MahalKO at his back.

When an APO member told me that "Gagaling ka na mag-drive niyan, nadisgrasya ka na eh." , I gave him a smile and said to myself,

BTW, the side mirror stashed my precious savings a hundred and fifty pesos. I still have the broken side mirror with me. :D