Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Internet: A world of why's

The internet is undeniably the new encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary and text book and a trove of interesting reads rolled into one. Being connected to the internet allows us to enter a new world of endless possibilities and unlimited explorations and discoveries and weird, fun and interesting reads all at the tip of our own fingertips.

And as most of our older folks have always told us, "the wise always asks questions".This is still proven true in current education programs all over the world, putting emphasis on creative and critical thinking of students, especially among elementary school children. Critical thinking also encourages students to think about almost anything ordinary phenomenon of life and raise questions from it, like "Where do balloons go when they fly in the sky?" or  "How caterpillars become butterflies"?

Because of this, I have came up with  two of the many common questions among young children (or even some adults!).

The first thing that came to my mind is the general fact among adults that only women can breastfeed, so it's pretty clear that they have to produce milk in their breasts so they could breastfeed a baby. This made me want to know the reasons men have nipples, and in case you still don't know why men have nipples, the link can tell you why exactly (and precisely because I don't want to spoil your curiosity!)

After knowing the reasons why men have nipples, as I was sitting by the window watching the people pass by a busy street on a very hot day, a heavy rain pours and in an instant, the busy street was cleared. Again, this is another phenomena that is seemingly 'normal', but have you ever wondered why does it rain suddenly on a hot day? Well, this is quite easy, I think a third grader could explain this, but again, in case your memory doesn't serve you right, you could always search for it on the internet, after all, it is a world of unlimited discoveries.