Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Live!

Got up early today for an activity.

Soaked up in the sun like I used to 10 long years ago.

Met new friends and had fun, fun, fun!

Got myself to sweat like I never sweated before at the grasses of university oval.

Played basketball with my special someone even if it meant losing big time.

Felt like a child again-at least for this day.

Thank you for this wonderful day, my dear brothers and sisters. ;-)

You guys continuously inspire me to change for the better,
to always think about the people around before me,
to always strive to do good,
to enjoy life,
to laugh out loud,
to take one day at a time,
and to discover and do things I never thought I would.

Long Live Alpha Phi Epsilon.

Thank you for showing the real meaning of camaraderie, Alpha Sigmans/Sigma Alphans and Alpha Phi Omegans!