Tuesday, December 9, 2008

our pacquiao vs. dela hoya match.

No, this is not about them of course.

It's about Don and I having a boxing match today.

Since verifying the rumors yesterday that there will be no classes today, I was asking him if we could go to Cabanatuan and enjoy the rest of the day together, but he would not agree until this morning. I asked him why and he said that they will be having their basketball practice the whole day.

Oh yes, that fu*cking orange ball again.

I am not against him playing basketball of course, we already had an agreement that we are free to do ALL the things that we want to, for him it's basketball, for me, it's writing- seems unfair? yes.

I don't know why I agreed on that the least that I could remember is that when we made that agreement I was set to leave for Baguio for a seminar-workshop on Journalism. Argh. Now I realized, the Filipino saying that "nasa huli ang pagsisisi" is indeed true.

I am on a bad mood since yesterday because of cough and cold that I caught from late-night baratilyo shopping with Sir Francis, Kuya Jonnie, Kuya Fred, Alenna and him.

He sent me a message at 9 AM today that serves as my Good Morning greeting and I sent back a message sarcastically saying that "I thought you have a whole day practice today?" And there it was, the match began.

We argued about basketball for the nth time of our lives and I was like Dela Hoya during the Dream Match when he stood up and congratulated Pacquiao at the opening of the 9th round.

I gave up.

I cannot win over the f*cking basketball- and he warned me about it ages ago.

But he promised me that "basketball" will only be for the first semester since the University Intramurals takes place during the first sem. He also promised that he'll make-up for the times that he cannot have dinner with me because of their practice. I don't want to sound a bitter-possessive girlfriend here but he's just not fair and I hate him for that.

My phone rang at 11 30 AM as I was walking from the boarding house to the main gate, he said sorry and I said I understand ( I just don't want to talk to you) and I pressed the red key on my phone.

No, I never said the words enclosed in the parentheses but I am not sending him a message or calling him until now.

My realizations:
It's funny when people around us think that we do not have fights but the truth is, for the three years that we have been together, we fought a million times over pretty little things, and this one is no exception.

But then again, our fights serve as a therapy for us. It's the time for us to have bonding moments with ourselves, reflect about how we are behaving for the past days, and finally realize that we are still two different individuals bounded by the love that we have for each other.

He is my best-friend and my worst enemy, my number one fan and my greatest critic, and I would'nt want to be with any other guy for that matter.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

of leadership and friendship

If there's one thing that I love about myself is that I value my friends so much that they are my favorite topic when posting something here in my blog. My friends are indescribable-they are simply amazing, and I guess that's what makes me proud of them.


At the start of the school year, Kuya Jonnie (my buddy last Lit-Mus competition; he competed in Pagsulat ng Sanaysay and I in Essay Writing) asked me if I am interested to run for office. I was hesitant to accept the offer because I am trying to catch up with my studies, but then again it's something that I cannot really resist. I mean, this is exactly how I wanted my college life to be - being active in the school and perhaps, if given the chance, to be in the Student Council for once. So I said "yes" without really thinking what the possibilities are-and then, our party were unopposed and I am now the Secretary of the student council.
Things happened very fast and I barely noticed that I am enjoying this whole new bunch of people around me. I realized that first impressions don't really last, little by little, we found ourselves in constant arguments with what we should do but then again, we also gained respect and acceptance from each other. My co-officers that I thought were snobbish and perfectionist are really just simple persons trying to make a difference too, in just different manners though.
Five months of being with these different personas made me appreciate the uniqueness of everyone around me. Five long months of arguing, fighting, laughing and being with each other has taught me to have fun, seize every day of our life to try to make a difference and take a break from the busy life of academics and step into a world of something more than yourself and school.

College Friends (Educators in the making eh?)

If I would count my college friends now, I could actually count them with one hand. Perhaps you would ask why? I also don't know.
I have three college buddies who accepts me as I am and are not afraid of telling me my fallacies, my weaknesses and my short comings. I actually admire them for being brave, brave enough to tell me how bad they felt about what I've said and done, how unfair I was in checking the attendance for this activity and how bad I look with my hair or how thick my make-up is.
They are the truest persons I met in college. I can tell them anything and they are ready to listen. I can vent out my frustrations with my studies and our classmates and they are always ready to give a piece of advice. They are my instant cheerleaders in the contests that I join, and yet they are also my reality-checker-they make sure I keep my feet rooted flatly on the ground and my head not weighing too much air. They consistently teach me Math and Music lessons and makes me realize that I am STILL a student. They constantly remind me that I can always have them in times of defeat or in case I need a good laugh and that they are always ready for food trips that come unplanned.

HS Tropa

My barkada since first year high school. I really miss them. :(
my BSP-R0vers family with Sir Isma during the last Overnight Camping at Sci-Hi.

Reunion Buddies. Always present during planned/unplanned reunions. :)
Well. What can I say? I think this is the nth time that I would talk about these people. Well, they are the BEST! High school is the best part of school life indeed. :)

New Buddies. :)

It was through Sir Francis that I met these wonderful people. These people are very influential, not only because they are great leaders, but also they are people of patriotism and change. I consider them as leaders who should lead this country in the next few years. I thought these are actually serious persons who are busy with their advocacies but when I was given the chance to be with them, I realized that they are not that serious- they crack jokes, dance with us, sing Skyline Pigeon while riding on a bus going to Pasay and ask questions too. They are infallible- just like all of us.Go Team Nueva Ecija! :)

at UST- Arc of the Century

Ate Ren of WYA visits CLSU. (wow :))

nakakalito, nakakatiwang,ayoko na yata.

... pramis.